What are the benefits of home birth?

Childbirth is a natural biological function, not an illness or disease requiring medical intervention. The benefits are endless, but here are a few . . .
  • You are in charge of your birth
  • Your body can work at its own pace; you aren't put on any time limits
  • No need to travel during labor or long car rides home
  • You can eat and drink according to your need; food and drink are not restricted
  • You can cope far better with labor in familiar surroundings with familiar people supporting you; there is no one there you don't want there
  • You can labor in whatever positions and attire you find most comfortable; no stirrups and no hospital gown
  • There are no unnecessary medical interventions at home
  • Siblings or other family members can be present and the experience can be very personal and private
  • You or your partner can even "catch" the baby
  • Daddy or an older sibling can cut the cord, which is delayed at home until the cord has stopped pulsating and no longer functioning
  • Babies born at home are drug-free and trauma-free due to the gentle handling of a midwife
  • There is less chance of infection at home for you and your baby
  • More time can be taken for you and your family to get to know the baby, instead of him being whisked off to a nursery; all baby exams are done in your presence on your bedside
  • Breastfeeding can be more successful because it can be done at your own pace and you won't be interfered with by well-meaning nurses quick to offer a bottle of formula
  • Best of all, your midwife is with you at all times; there are no shift changes and there is no one else there having a baby but you.



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    Is it really safe to have a homebirth?
    The safety of homebirth is one of the best-kept secrets in this country. Several studies have researched the issue of the safety of home birth in various countries around the world.  The best research continues to show that home birth for women with low-risk healthy pregnancies, attended by a qualified birth attendant, is no more risky than birth in the hospital.  Not only that, but in the U.S., women choosing home birth with a midwife have far fewer interventions during their labor, birth and immediate postpartum period, contributing to easier healing, breastfeeding and bonding with their new babies.

    What about the pain of labor?
    Our bodies are beautifully designed to give birth, with the release of endorphins and other hormones that help us open to the process of birth. This natural process works best when we create the most positive atmosphere possible, and surround the mother with confident, loving support. Having the ability to be upright and mobile during labor, instead of being confined to a bed can make a dramatic difference in pain perception. Also, laboring in the water, tub or shower, can provide natural pain relief.

    What if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck?
    When the baby emerges from the birth canal, the midwife feels around the baby's neck for a cord. If a cord is present, she gently unloops it over the baby's head. If it is tight, she clamps and cuts the cord, while the baby is on the perineum. One in three babies are born with cord around the neck. It may be considered a complication, but not an emergency..

    What if complications did occur?:
    The level of technology available at a homebirth is very similar to that available at a small, rural hospital. Florida Licensed Midwives all carry oxygen, infant resuscitation equipment, drugs for stopping hemorrhage, IV fluids, and equipment for suturing. 

    Does insurance cover midwifery care?
    PPO Insurance covers homebirths and most HMO’s also do. In Florida, if you have maternity coverage on your policy, the law mandates coverage for Licensed Midwives. Although your policy may cover midwifery and homebirth, many insurance companies do not pay the total fee for services, in spite of what they claim to do. I will do my best to help you get the maximum reimbursement from your insurance company. I am also currently accepting Florida Medicaid for home birth services.

    I am pregnant and started prenatal care with another practitioner. Can I still choose your midwife services? 
    Absolutely! Transfer of care can be done even in the late stages of pregnancy. You will need to fill out a ‘records request’ form that allows your previous provider to send your medical records.

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    What about the  mess?
    Birth is not quite the mess your see portrayed on TV. We can protect your bed or carpet with waterproof liners and pads, which is easy to clean-up. My assistant and I will take out your trash and run a load of laundry for you before leaving your birth. We want to leave your house just as clean as we found it! 

    I am Rh negative blood, is this a problem? 
    No, I offer you 28 week Rhogam injections and post-birth baby's cord blood testing for blood type and Rhogam if the baby is a positive blood type.

    How do I get a birth certificate or Social Security number?
    I file all the necessary paperwork to register your baby's birth with the State of Florida. The Social security card will be automatically mailed to you, and I will provide you with the request forms to obtain a copy of the birth certificate.

    I live in a small apartment/house. Do I have enough room for a home birth?
    Yes! Babies can be born just about anywhere. As long as you have freedom to move to respond to your body’s cues, you feel safe, and the birth place is reasonably clean and warm, your home is a fine place to give birth.

    I’m over 35. Can I have a home birth?
    Yes! As long as you are healthy and wish to take an active role in your maternity care, you are a good candidate for a home birth.